Friday, October 26, 2012

Blogger's Quilt Festival!!

Its that time again. I have been so jealous reading all the blog posts about heading off to market and I am thankful there is something fun for the rest of us to be a part of this week. Blogger's Quilt Festival. Thanks Amy!!

Here she is!!



 I love this quilt. I made this quilt in about a two week time period and it is the fastest I have ever made a quilt from cutting to quilting. I made this to take to a friend's birthday party where we watched a movie in his backyard. I think having a deadline made me get it done so quickly. I made this using a pattern from Elizabeth Hartman (love her!) and my favorite line from Sweetwater (until I saw Noteworthy) called Reunion.

The pattern went together so easily and I never got frustrated. I love everything about this quilt but what really makes it awesome is the sashing. I believe it is Bella's Robin's Egg Blue but don't quote me on that. It makes the prints just pop! I love all the color. 

I backed it with a simple grey sheet as I would be using it as a picnic blanket. I basted this together on a Thursday and needed to have it quilted and done by Friday night! What did I do? Spent all day Friday quilting of course. It only took me four hours to quilt this-I surprised myself that day. This was only my third attempt at FMQ but I just pedal to the metal and got it all done by 3 pm. 

That left me with about 2 hours till party time with only the binding to put on. Now look at this binding. My favorite print of all time. It is from Sweetwater's Make Life collection that is now out of print. I wish I had a whole bolt of it but I can't find it anywhere. 

The last detail I included as I added the binding was the nifty strap that Elizabeth included in the pattern. It makes this quilt so easy to pack in the car and it just looks so pretty all rolled up. 

Blogger's Quilt Festival Stats

Finished quilt measures: 70" x 70"
Quilted by: Me
Best Category: Throw Quilt, Best Home Machine Quilted
Post #232

Amy's Creative Side

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Deviation from the Norm

Today I am writing about a different subject than I normally do. I was browsing the Louisiana Dept of Education website today and saw their announcement about the release of this year's test results. Accompanying the results were the exclamations, "More Students Are At Grade Level" and "Biggest Gains in Math and Science." Awesome, right?

I sure think so. I want to share a power point from the Dept of Ed that breaks down each subject and grade and shows that for the last ten years students have been making gains in every subject and in every grade. Here is an example:

And a few more:
I just wanted to brag a bit on my state.  These scores show the effort schools around the state have been making are paying off. Teachers and administration are making decisions that are benefiting our children. There is room for improvement as always but these scores do not play into the narrative that Louisiana public schools are failing so I'm not sure where that idea comes. I know it is not the whole picture but it is a great example of how we are getting better at teaching our kids. Yay teachers!!! So my question becomes: Why are we taking precious resources from these improving schools and pouring them into a system that has no accountability? Can someone show these results to Gov. Jindal?

For the entire power point click here. (Let me know if it doesn't work)

For the La Dept of Ed website click here.

Next week I will be back with a craft update but I could not help giving my fellow teachers a shout out. You are working hard and it shows.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


 So my goal this summer is supposed to be finishing my quilt for our bed but I have gotten a little side tracked. I've been working on quite a few projects. First my mom came in town the first week of June and helped me to pick out the paint colors for the house. We got the dining room and kitchen all finished.  Took about two weeks but we got it done.
I love the color!! I would show the kitchen too but it needs a little cleaning first. There are many more little details to add to finish it off but those might take awhile.  I also made a table runner for our new table.

The fun thing about this one is its reversible. The other side is red, white, and blue so its ready for 4th of July. Going to change it this week.

Now I can use it all summer. I want to have some kind of table runner all year for different holidays and seasons. This way I got two in one! Now I just have to make like 10 more for the rest of the year.

I made this bunting out of the same fabric and its reversible too. I have a mantle now and I want to start decorating my house.

The mantle itself isn't finished so you just get to see the bunting. Once the living room is painted then I can get the mantle how I want it.

I've also been working on some quilts in the past few weeks. I finished and started this next quilt in about two weeks. I wanted to just finish a project and I am so proud of myself for seeing it through. its the fastest quilt I've ever made. I did have a deadline (I wanted to use it at a party) so that helped motivate me. Now I just have to transfer that energy to out bed quilt.

I love how bright and colorful it is! This fabric line Reunion by Sweetwater is one of my favorites ever. I used it for all the projects above. Another cool feature of this quilt is that is has a strap attached so you can roll it up and store it. I followed a pattern to make this and it turned out so awesome.

The last project I'll share is one I stated about 6 months ago. I am making a quilt for my aunt and it was going well until our move to the new house. I haven't picked up again till this week. I don't have too much left to do on it so it could be a quick finish now that I have pulled it out.

Such a cheery quilt it will be. I'm calling it "Book Reflections"Once its all together you will see the design better. Nanny, I hope its what you were picturing. Just wanted to give you an update on it.

Friday, June 1, 2012

What was I thinking?

A few months ago I finished putting together the quilt top that will eventually go on our bed. Its a queen size with quite a bit extra so the thing is huge!!!

There is no way my little beginner machine would be able to quilt this baby. What to do? First I thought about sending it out to quilt but I found out that would run me over $100-$200. Nope not gonna work. Then I looked at a new machine. Oh wait that would be $1000 for the one I want. Definitely not gonna happen.

My only option left was to hand quilt. Sure, I thought, that would be perfect. I've done it before on some pillows and small projects so I know how it works. Last Saturday I spent the whole day marking up the quilt.....

That is when I realized this will take me forever!!!! So I let my quilt sit on the floor for a week while I screwed up the courage to start. Tonight is the night. Look!

I want to have it all done by the end of summer and I thought my readers could be my accountability. What do ya`ll think? At the end of every week I will post my progress. You get to fuss at me if I don't get enough done. I have ten weeks to get it all done so I'm off to sewing.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Giveaway Day is Here!

And the winner is.......#29

  1. My favorite teacher was my 10th grade english teacher. She was kind and funny, but not afraid to tell the truth about the world. I learned a lot from her!
I've sent an email so be on the lookout. I loved hearing all your teacher stories-it just warms my heart!

My first year to be a part of the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day!

I had big plans for the project I was going to make but as often happens life got in the way. Instead I have for you a layer cake of Modern Workshop with some yardage. Now you can make whatever project you want.

To win leave me a comment and I will choose a winner randomly. As a teacher I get curious as to how my students view me. So in your comment tell me your favorite teacher and what you loved most about them.

The giveaway will stay open until May 25 at 5 pm.  I will update this post to include the winner. I will be shipping to U.S. only.

While you are here stay and look around. I hope you come back for more. This summer I have big plans for sewing and nothing else on my calendar. To me that is the best summer vacation I could ask for.

To find more lovely giveaways head back to Sew Mama Sew and see what they got.

Friday, May 18, 2012

I'm back!!!

As you can see it has been an entire school year since I last posted. I had every intention of writing but this year was intense and the blog got put on the back burner. Not what I wanted but I only have three days left with students so I can breathe a little better now.

For my coming back post I am joining the Bloggers' Quilt Festival. This is my first year to participate.
So without further ado, here she is:

I made this following a Quilt Along organized by John of Quilt Dad. Each week we made two blocks, each designed by a different blogger. I loved this quilt along. I started it after I had only been quilting for a few months. I learned so many new techniques and really grew in my skills. I also loved doing it along with an online community, encouraging and helping me along the way.

I had the top completed last summer but it spent the next year folded in my quilt room until I finally had time to quilt it last month. As I looked back over the pictures I had taken, I calculated it took me a year and a half to finally get it finished.

Here is my second attempt at FMQ!! I learned alot working on this baby and I love her so much. After a good washing she is so soft and cuddly. She is now resting in my guest room and waiting patiently for guests.

I so wish I could be at Quilt Market (maybe one day...) but glad to have the chance to be a part of the Bloggers' Quilt Fest. Thank you so much for stopping by. Now that summer is here I will be updating you on all the crafting I have done this many projects to show you. Don't forget to come back.