Thursday, May 26, 2011

Don't forget your ABC's

I have just the pillow to help you remember them. Last week I finished the coolest pillow I've ever seen. About three months ago I saw a pattern on Moda Bake Shop for a pillow that used a technique called cathedral windows. 


I wanted to use the pattern to make a pillow that could be a back rest for a desk chair. I had a particular friend in mind and so I chose fabric that I thought would be perfect for her. The pattern had a lot of details but it was very easy to follow and even though there were a lot of steps it was pretty simple.

I love the result of this project and it turned out exactly like I planned which doesn't happen often.

Here is a close up of its awesomeness.

Also as part of this pillow I made a binding to finish the edges. To do that you sew a strip of fabric around the edge on the front of the pillow then you wrap it around to the back and secure it somehow. The first time I did this on my quilt I used the machine to secure it on back with less than fabulous results. So this time I did some hand sewing to secure it to the back an it looks so fabulous. 
See, there it is looking so perfect. I want to always do binding like that but I'm afraid of how long it will take on a big ol' quilt.

Today I just realized that in April and May I have been doing a horrible job posting on my blog. So I just want to make a promise to all of you to post at least once a week from now on. It really shouldn't be hard because I have projects to share, I just get lazy. But not anymore. If I don't keep up feel free to fuss at me. I need to be accountable to someone.

Happy Summer to you!!!