Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekend Finish

This weekend I finished a project for my friend Beth's birthday. It is one of my all time favorite projects. It came out exactly how I wanted!!! I knew I wanted to make Beth something and when looking for ideas I found this post. I have been on an embroidery kick and so this was perfect. It took me a week to complete and I was done to the wire trying to get it done in time. But I did and I love it.

The pattern is called 12 Things God Wants You to Remember but the blogger who posted had only designed three of the blocks so far. You can find her blog here. She is using a month theme so these are from Jan, Feb, and March. I can't wait for her to post more-it would be great in my sewing room.
Here are the blocks close up:

And here is the back. The white square is a label with the name and when it was made.

So what do you do with it? Good question-anything you want!


Friday, August 5, 2011

Break Time is Over

So without intending to I took a break from the blog this summer. I had planned on writing every week but it felt too much like writing lesson plans and that just wouldn't work. Even though I wasn't writing I was in no way idle. I did a lot of sewing and creating this summer and so I'll share it with you.

Strap Cover w/ a pocket to hold the lens!
Completed Projects

Beth's Bag

DSLR Camera Bags
Dana's Bag
I made two camera bags for my sister, Dana and friend, Beth. They had both asked me to make them one quite awhile ago. I didn't take the project seriously until I realized they wanted to use them on trips they were going on in July. So with a firm deadline in front of me I was able to make each bag in three days. I work so much better having a deadline.

Angry Birds
I made one of the birds from the game Angry Birds for my husband a couple of months ago and since then I've made a few more of them. After  seeing the one I made for Connor my parents discovered the game and became addicted. So for Father's Day I made my Dad a set of Angry Birds. I made him two birds and a baby pig. He took them to work one day and they had a wonderful time. He documented the day and if I can I  will post those pictures.

Earlier this week talking to Dana about a friend of ours in Afghanistan she casually mentioned I should send him an Angry Bird. We had heard he might be getting bored. I took the idea and ran with it. Instead of one bird I decided to make him the whole set. Look how precious they are! The pigs are quite large (an easier target) and so I made a baby pig to go along with the rest. I sent them off today in hopes they make it to Afghanistan in time.

In Progres

The Whole Gang

Couch Pillows!
I've been wanting to freshen up my living room since we moved in last year. I wanted to bring in some brighter colors but didn't have an idea where to start. After getting advice from Mom I picked out some aqua curtains and decided on a color palette. We also choose some fabric and I made these pillows the next weekend.  I found these pillows after browsing Flickr for inspiration.  I changed the colors and added some hand quilting details. The seams on this pillow matched up so nicely. The hand quilting looks great too. I love my new pillows and they make me smile every time I walk in the room.

The same weekend I made the pillows I was so inspired I finally used some canvases I bought months ago to create unique artwork. I found paint at walmart that matched the pillows. I used a technique I've seen on many a HGTV show-just brush the paint across the canvas and blend the colors together. I added the streaks of purple to give it some interest. Love how they turned out and they look great above the tv.
      I finished one more project for the living room but its not up and I don't have any pictures of it so I'll post it later.

Mother's Day Quilt

The biggest finish of the summer would have to be Mom's quilt. I told her about it on Mother's Day but I didn't finish it until July. This is the second quilt I've finished and I think I like it better than my first. It took me a month to figure out how I wanted to quilt it. I know how to do straight lines but that didn't complement the design of the quilt. I knew free motion quilting would look better. That is when you quilt random meandering lines all over making sure the lines never cross. It was pretty scary trying to figure it out and I was afraid I would mess up the quilt. But eventually I just went after it (well I watched a ton of youtube videos) and it turned out I learned so much as I was doing it. It looks nice after it was all finished and washed. Look how crinkly and awesome it is.

Folklore Bag
Just finished this bag on Friday. A friend of mine asked me to make this for him. He is going back home to Africa soon and wants to give it to his sister. I am hoping she likes the fabric. Its so hard picking for someone else without knowing their taste. I love the bag and it turned out pretty good. What I did not like was the pattern. The way they had me attach that top band to the bottom part of the purse made no sense. I couldn't exactly figure it out so I changed how I put it together. It came out nicely but I am just mad at the pattern people. I want to make myself one of these but I am going to figure out a different way of doing it.

Works in Progress
Make Life Quilt
This quilt started with my favorite fabric. A design company by the name of Sweetwater makes some of the cutest fabric I have ever seen. They made a line called Make Life a few years ago but by the time I found out about it it was out of print. I had lost hope of ever buying it until I found someone selling it on ebay. Then I had to pick out a pattern. I am in the middle of it right now. My seams haven't turned out so straight so I am not the happiest with it. I am hoping when it all comes together you won't notice them so I'm not giving up yet.

Delta Chi Pillow
I told Connor awhile ago (like 6 months) that I would make him a pillow to put behind his back while driving or at the office.  He requested Delta Chi colors-red and buff. Buff meaning yellow. I found an argyle pillow he liked so I used it as inspiration. After a few failed attempts (I thought buff was a gold color or maybe close to beige-nope!) I found the correct colors to make it. At the moment I'm halfway through. It wouldn't take long to put together but lining up the seams when using diamonds so I have to take a break every once in awhile.

Not Yet Started Projects
I have been wanting to make a quilt for our bed since I figured out I could actually make a quilt. All summer I've been wishing it was already made because our comforter gets too hot. After deciding to make a quilt I had to find fabric. This was not easy considering I couldn't pick something too girly-Connor has opinions about our decor. The more I looked the more I found out most fabric is girly and if its not then its plaid or has trucks or tools on it. Nothing I wanted on our bed! I eventually found a new line by my favorite company Sweetwater. Its called Hometown and I love it!!!! Problem was I found it three months before it came out. So hard to be patient but the fabric is perfect for us. It includes red, yellow, grey and lt. bkue colorways. The patterns are precious but not all girly and flowery-the perfect balance. If you can't see from my picture check out the details here.
     I've picked out the design which is called a bento box. I was inspired by this quilt by Amanda Jean from Crazy Mom Quilts. She is an awesome quilter.  I've already made a test block and can tell this will be quite a process. My hope is that it will be finished in time for next summer. Fingers crossed!

My last project to share is a purse for me. I picked out this fabric when I went to visit my Mom in Covington. I haven't completely settled on a pattern yet. I wanted to make the Folklore Bag but only if I can figure out a different way to make it. I have a few other options but nothing I love just yet.

If you made it down here to the end I am impressed. Thank you for reading this post all the way through. I feel that with school starting I will have a routine back and will have more motivation to write. Only thing I won't have is a whole lot of time but I'll take what I can. Don't know if I am ready for a new set of faces but I'm pretty sure I'll fall in love as soon as I meet them. I've been studying their names all summer (trying to make schedules) and it will be fun to see if they look anything like I've pictured.


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Don't forget your ABC's

I have just the pillow to help you remember them. Last week I finished the coolest pillow I've ever seen. About three months ago I saw a pattern on Moda Bake Shop for a pillow that used a technique called cathedral windows. 


I wanted to use the pattern to make a pillow that could be a back rest for a desk chair. I had a particular friend in mind and so I chose fabric that I thought would be perfect for her. The pattern had a lot of details but it was very easy to follow and even though there were a lot of steps it was pretty simple.

I love the result of this project and it turned out exactly like I planned which doesn't happen often.

Here is a close up of its awesomeness.

Also as part of this pillow I made a binding to finish the edges. To do that you sew a strip of fabric around the edge on the front of the pillow then you wrap it around to the back and secure it somehow. The first time I did this on my quilt I used the machine to secure it on back with less than fabulous results. So this time I did some hand sewing to secure it to the back an it looks so fabulous. 
See, there it is looking so perfect. I want to always do binding like that but I'm afraid of how long it will take on a big ol' quilt.

Today I just realized that in April and May I have been doing a horrible job posting on my blog. So I just want to make a promise to all of you to post at least once a week from now on. It really shouldn't be hard because I have projects to share, I just get lazy. But not anymore. If I don't keep up feel free to fuss at me. I need to be accountable to someone.

Happy Summer to you!!!