Sunday, April 3, 2011

I just couldn't wait.

Get ready...its story time.

About a month or so ago I was reading my favorite blogs and I came across this short little post. The writer Amanda Jean had made a little bird from a new game for iPhone/iPod called Angry Birds. Connor found this game awhile ago and loved it. He was obsessed for a bit and would make me drive on road trips just so he could play. When I saw the post I knew I had to try and make one for Connor. Amanda didn't really give any explanation for how she made the little guy so I tried to figure it out on my own. I studied the picture for awhile, found the right fabrics in my closet and gave it a shot.

I only had red fabric so I did my best to make this guy,

Ummm.....well he's ok. It looks like the red bird kinda but not really what I had in my head. It actually looked a lot better when he was sewn together but still flat before I put any stuffing in. I just couldn't get the stuffing to cooperate. I stuffed him in the closet to wait for Connor's birthday (April 23) as that was my original plan.

Over the next few weeks, I continued my daily blog reading and stumbled upon this. Ok, if you didn't click go do it now. Alright did you see it? Awesome right? That is what I was looking for. So cute and it looks just like the game. I telling you click the link, you'll see what I mean.

My next step was to pick up the fleece at Wal Mart and get to work. I picked up the fleece about two weeks ago and have been planning on getting around to it. As I said the original plan was to make this for Connor's birthday but  last week he had a business trip coming up (he is Pennsylvania now) and I was going to be out of town as well. I just couldn't wait. I decided to make it so he could take it on the trip with him. I was leaving on Friday after lunch so I had taken the day off of work. After getting up and making sure I was packed I decided to see if I could make the bird before I left. That gave me about two hours. I knew it was crazy and I should have waited but I couldn't resist. I got everything ready and made my own Angry Bird in an hour and a half. You want to see? Sure you do.

Oh wait he is still inside out. Sorry I'll try again.

This is what I was looking for! So cute yet so angry and the perfect travel size. Try number two was a success. I learned a few new techniques as I made this little guy and have plans for more little birds in the future. In fact I'm planning on making some more characters from the game soon.



  1. SOOOOO CUTE!! I love it!! And I'm seriously addicted to that game as well!

  2. WOW! This is awesome!! I should have read this post before the other one!! I am soooo serious about wanting this and any other characters you make! You are sooooo talented!! Keep it up!!
    Mama T ...again!!