Monday, March 28, 2011

I'm finished!!!......wait, spoke too soon.

Sorry for the long break but there were complications from my wisdom teeth surgery and so there was no sewing for awhile and I had to get get caught up on school work. Now that things are mostly back to normal and I feel like myself I can catch you up too.

So the instructions for the last two blocks were posted two weeks ago and I finally got them done today. They had been in progress for a week now. When I first started them I was in a rush which led to lots of pulling out seams....which is no fun. But when I picked it back up today without feeling like I had to get them done by a certain time the last block came together smoothly.

Here is Block 15:

I changed it up a bit from the pattern. It called for the pinwheels to be made of all the same fabric but I wanted some variety. The hearts with leaves is my favorite print of this collection and it came in five colors-perfect.

Here is Block 16:
Its simple and sweet. Not the best choice with the stripes cause they don't match up but I was just glad to get it done.

Last week the finishing instructions were posted to put all the blocks together. They included three options. If you want to see all three, you can view them here. I think I am going with option 2 which is a traditional layout with rows of four blocks. After I decided to use that layout I realized I would need more blocks. I had planned on making this a twin size for the bed in the spare room. So to make it big enough I have to had four more blocks to layout #2.  I choose my four favorite patterns and picked out the fabrics. I got all the pieces cut out today.

Whew, cutting is the most tedious part and it always seems to take forever. I hope to get all four done by the end of the week. I've picked block 9, block 2, block 4, and block 10 with different colors.

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