Friday, March 11, 2011

Hanging in there

is what I am doing. Wisdom teeth are all gone and so is my energy. I want to eat real food but I don't want to push it so I'm about to make myself some mashed potatoes for lunch :( I've been trying to sew as I recover but didn't do as much as I thought I would. I did finish two blocks for my quilt. One not so much.

I'll start with Block #13-awesome!!!

This block had a pretty detailed plan and see those little squares - less than 2 inches-eek! But I love the brown print with the hearts and I made it my focal point. This block went together amazingly easy and I am still stunned how nicely my edges lined up.

The diamond is perfect and look at that center square-awesome, right? Yep, and here is a close up:

Just so you know the border is only 1/8" wide and I got it right the first time! Things work so much better when you follow the directions exactly. I love it and that little heart right in the center. :)

On to Block #14.....we didn't really get along. So much so I didn't take a before picture, only after.

The fabrics are good-nice mix of colors but it threw me off because it doesn't seem to fit the style of the rest of the blocks. I also had issues pressing the seams correctly on the back and that got me frustrated so I may just have a bad attitude about this one.

This leaves two more blocks to make and then we will put them all together-I can't wait!!!!!

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