Monday, March 7, 2011

Almost there

I can't believe it but I have only three weeks left of my quilt-along. I have two blocks to show you today and at the end of the week I will have two more to show you. That will bring my total to 14 blocks completed out of 16! Time has flown by! Its been lots of fun so let me share it with you.

I'll start with block #11. It was made of lots of little pieces.
This block was hard to choose fabrics for and I love the red heart fabric but not thrilled about the rest. This block had lots of details in the instructions and I missed an important one where I had to trim my squares that were made of two triangles put together. Since I didn't do that I had to try to recover in a later my block has some issues but I learned to make sure I read every word.

Next I give you Block #12 which was pretty simple in construction.

I started with the fabrics above and I was happy with the teal but the print doesn't work too well in the final block.

You can see my hearts got cut up because the diamonds are actually made of two triangles. I might take it apart and cut diamonds out of my fabric for those pieces but we'll see what happens in the end.

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