Saturday, February 26, 2011

Let me fill you in

So I've been keeping up with the quilt-along blocks but I haven't kept up with blogging them. That means you'll get four in one post! Get excited.

Block #7 was pretty simple. It was made of squares need to worry about those temperamental flying geese. It went together easy and with little fanfare. Sweet but not in your face. This is a laid back block.

Next came Block #8 which brought back the triangles but in a totally new format. The little squares below were cut into tiny (I mean tiny!) triangles.

This block was a simple cream square framed by four prints. That part was breesy but then came the applique! I cut the squares into three triangles each and had to arrange them into a basket in the center square. See what I mean:

I had to place them just right-it was tough to get them all to fit in the arc of the basket. After ironing them down I used a blanket stitch around the edges. The good thing was I had done some practice applique in the making of my pillow. The whole block came together well in the end, it just took a few days.

Now I have for you Block #9 which I'm not too sure about.

I wanted to use brown because I felt like there wasn't a whole lot in the first eight blocks but the plaid is a little overwhelming. And do you see those triangles...they are little bitty 1.5" squares cut in half. Not too fun to work with.  After wrestling them into flying geese I realized the fabrics blend with each other a little too much and so the geese don't stand out. I may redo this whole block at the end if I have enough fabric left.

Last I give you Block #10 which is my favorite of these four.

 I love the fabrics for this because that brown with red hearts in my absolute favorite of the whole bundle. I was saving it for a special block where I could highlight it and not have to cut it into tiny pieces and lose the effect of the design.

Awesome, right? I love the center square. I cut the fabric special to make sure that little heart was right in the middle. This block used lots of flying geese which were easy to make on their own but hard to get all of them to line up. So in the end my edges don't all match up but I love the colors so much i don't care.

I have six more blocks to make for this and then we will put them all together. That means I only have four weeks left of the quilt along! It has gone by amazingly fast!!!!

I will leave you with one more glimpse of beauty :)

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Preshie Pooh!!! Love love love it-- you are doing an amazing job- I'm glad all my talent leaked out of me and found a home in you :) jk!!

  2. Beautiful, Laura. As for the inherited talent--that came from Gram. You know how some traits skip a generation. :-) Aunt Jane