Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I'm sharing the love

And maybe I'm a little late but better late then never. Happy Valentine's Day everyone!! I wanted to share my spontaneous valentine's craft.

I planned on going to Ruston High on Monday to see an Ancient Greece exhibit from their 9th grade classes. I wanted to stop by and see Dana but I wanted to take her something. I was going to make a card but taking out the Cricut and paper and whatnot felt overwhelming. I had a brilliant idea instead: I would make paper flowers. I had made some in high school and knew I could do it again. I found the instructions online and put a few together before I left. So cute!

     That night Connor and I made dinner-steak and potatoes. Delicious!!! Connor made the steak and  I made the potatoes. I made roasted potatoes with a little assist from Mom and Dad. They were awesome. Our table came together quite by accident. Connor got me some beautiful tulips-yay! Then I thought we needed to have candles somewhere, so I scrounged and found the ones we used at Christmas and tada!

Love you guys and hope you are having an awesome week.


  1. I liked the flowers and one of my students wanted one

  2. Beautiful and such happy memories! Connor takes after his Dad, he cooked steaks, baked potatoes, grilled shrimp and ceasar salad--

  3. great flowers and what a pretty table!! and, um, where's the vegetable. ;) love reading your posts.

  4. We weren't planning on such a formal meal but it turned out awesome and Crystal, don't potatoes count? You have to pick them from the ground....