Saturday, February 5, 2011

Pretty Pretty Pinwheel

The quilt-along continues with block #4. Those of you in Louisiana know we had another weather scare this weekend. Once again I had no school on Friday! I spent most of the day sewing but it wasn't on the quilt. I'll give you peek at my project but its not done so I don't want to give the whole thing up.

Currently trying to figure out how to applique those letters on and once I do it should be pretty simple to finish. I can't wait to show it to you.

Since today was my second Saturday of the week :) I worked on my block and it went together super fast. I'm very proud of my pink triangles, also called flying geese. Their points are so nice and pointy. On this block I could tell that my technique has first I didn't see how I would get better by doing the same thing over and over but now I can see how I get better each time I make a block.

Monday will reveal new instructions and I need to make sure I use my teal fabrics-I've got lots of pink in the blocks so far and I don't want it to take over the quilt.



  1. I agree-pink should never take over a quilt : )
    Once again an awesome job- everything looks soooo cute!!!! LYTBAP

  2. You are so right, Mom. But it tries to all the time-you have watch it, such a sneaky color.

  3. Very very cool, Laura! We are finishing a homemade dog bed - complete with a tiled headboard...Ive just got to figure out how I want to make the cushion, right now they lay on it with just blankets. I'll have to post pics at some point. I'm thinking instead of learning to quilt I'll just send you some fabrics you've said, practice makes perfect! :) Hope all is well!

  4. Jessica, You will have to post pictures. Whenever I am trying to figure out something I google a tutorial-somebody is bound to have put up instructions. I'll let you know when I start my sewing business ;)....maybe this summer when I have all that free time.