Friday, June 1, 2012

What was I thinking?

A few months ago I finished putting together the quilt top that will eventually go on our bed. Its a queen size with quite a bit extra so the thing is huge!!!

There is no way my little beginner machine would be able to quilt this baby. What to do? First I thought about sending it out to quilt but I found out that would run me over $100-$200. Nope not gonna work. Then I looked at a new machine. Oh wait that would be $1000 for the one I want. Definitely not gonna happen.

My only option left was to hand quilt. Sure, I thought, that would be perfect. I've done it before on some pillows and small projects so I know how it works. Last Saturday I spent the whole day marking up the quilt.....

That is when I realized this will take me forever!!!! So I let my quilt sit on the floor for a week while I screwed up the courage to start. Tonight is the night. Look!

I want to have it all done by the end of summer and I thought my readers could be my accountability. What do ya`ll think? At the end of every week I will post my progress. You get to fuss at me if I don't get enough done. I have ten weeks to get it all done so I'm off to sewing.