Friday, May 17, 2013

Its that time again!

Blogger Quilt Festival is here. Now that I am writing this I am just realizing that the last festival was that last time I blogged!! Eeek! The only excuse I have is it has been a long crazy year at school and I'm having a baby so I may have been preoccupied a tiny bit.  Not that school is winding down maybe I can get myself back in the habit. With that said let me show off my favorite baby quilt ever!!

I made this quilt for a friend of mine's first baby girl and I love it. I had been wanting to make a ticker tape quilt for a while and a baby quilt was the perfect size. It was a struggle figuring out how to get the pieces to stay put while I was quilting but I eventually figured it out.

I love everything about it-the monogram, the fabrics, and the bright blue backing. It was so hard to give away but it makes me smile every time I see a picture of baby Hannah with her quilt.

Quilt Stats:
Size: 40 x 40
Quilted by Me
Baby Quilt



  1. I love ticker tape quilts, yours is scrumptious, must try one of these one day, great work, I'm sure your friend will treasure this gorgeous quilt.

  2. Love it, it looks so fresh and happy!

  3. very sweet and the monogram adds a special touch!

  4. I haven't made a ticker tape quilt. Is it tedious? Do you frame each square with white? or just every other one? Your H is so clever! Beautifully done.

    1. You start out with a whole piece background and then baste it to the batting and backing. Then, using scraps, I placed each piece and stitched around the square to attach it. It leaves the edges free to fray as it washes.

  5. Great ticker tape! And congrats on the new addition! :-)

  6. I love ticker tape quilts! I entered on in the Art Category. I think they are so great for babies--lots of texture and colors!

  7. This is beautiful! You did a great job.

  8. Cute quilt! It's so bright and happy! Great job!

  9. Yummy, cozy, and totally cheerful! Nice job!