Thursday, January 13, 2011

Hi, My True Friends

By that I mean all of you who read my blog. I found out this week more people read my blog than I thought. As we talked it was decided if you read my blog you are my true friend. I couldn't agree more. Thanks for reading and caring (even if its just a little) about what I write. I'll do my best to be totally awesome.

Today I have for you my current work in progress. I am working on a tutorial from an awesome quilter named Natalie I found at Piece N Quilt. Its the Goodnight Monkey Boy Quilt. Its kind of a weird name but I have the cutest fabric I will show you in a minute. Those of you in Ruston know we had a winter snow storm come through on Sunday and Monday. I took full advantage of being trapped in the house to get started on the quilt top and got half of it done. Dana spent the night Sunday so she could stay warm and helped me figure out the layout for the blocks. It was quite a process but we finally came up with a layout that looks awesome.

    The fabric is really cute. I'll take a better picture soon so you can see it.

Now here are my blocks ready to have the border sewn on. The plan is to get that done this weekend. Wish me luck :)

Extra, Extra!!

       I found the perfect place for the new quilt. It disguises the bright blue blanket holder that clashes with the rest of the living room. I think its perfect. I do have to admit it wasn't entirely my idea. Dana helped me with this too. What would I do without her?



  1. I don't know what you would do without me - be bored for sure...

  2. love the new name for the blog ... it's perfect!

  3. Love the new blog name and that we get a Saints shout out in the background of your first pic!! I do TONS of crafting and home projects but not much sewing...I am about to invest in a better machine though so I may just have to give this a shot. Your fabrics are adorable - I'll have to check out that site.

  4. Jessica-you should start a blog too! My friend Tara convinced me to do it. I felt self conscious at first but its fun now. The company that makes the fabric is called Moda and I love pretty much all their stuff so definitely go check them out.

  5. Love the "Lou;" so perfect! Miss you! Keep posting the projects!