Sunday, January 9, 2011

I did it! I did it!

I finished my first quilt! Its all done and ready to keep me warm. I finished it last night to comfort myself after watching the Saints fall apart. Now I feel all better! I love the way it turned out. Its not perfect and I do love things to be perfect but I know its my first time and being perfect takes practice.

Close up of quilting and binding. Binding is the fabric that covers up the raw edges. Mine looks good from the front but its a little off on the back. To the untrained eye it looks fine but I know what it should look like. Not a real big deal but I have to work on my binding technique for next time.

        I added a little detail to the back.

And here it is: all ready to keep my guests snugly and warm. Come over and enjoy it.

P. S. I changed the blog name (props to my father-in-law for the new name) and you should update your link to it. Hope you like it. Thanks Daddy Beech.

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