Monday, January 24, 2011

Ready, Set, Go!

My very first Quilt-Along has begun.  I explained what I'll be doing in my first post so you can refresh your memory. Today the instructions for the first block were posted by Quilt Dad. All quilts are made up of blocks or squares sewn together. This quilt will be 16 blocks, each designed by a different person. If you are a fellow quilter or just curious you can go check out the instructions and see what its all about.

Here is what I started with. All my little squares cut out and ready to go. This took longer than I thought it would. Actually the whole thing took longer than I thought.  Sometimes I forget I'm a beginner. 

Halfway through....following my instructions perfectly.

Ta-da!!! Here it is. I love it!! The fabric is awesome. My seams line up so perfectly.  Yay!! They have been a problem for me but I was extra careful today.

There will be directions for a new block every Monday and Thursday. So I should be posting twice a week as soon as I get them done. I don't want to fall behind with this so I can be all done by April. I hope you have fun following along with me. I will be learning so much and want to share it. See you on Friday.

- Laura

1 comment:

  1. hey laura!!!
    this is fun! look at you, you little crafter!
    sewing is addictive, huh?
    as for the binding, (done on machine) i watched this tutorial:
    it was really helpful...and she's pretty funny.
    try it on a test strip first or something. that binding can be a pill! but this method is one of the easier ones i've come across. i'm afraid i'd never do it if i had to do it all by hand!!
    good luck and keep it up!